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We are DUNKES.

Our forming, straightening and joining technology solutions are developed and manufactured for one single goal in mind: Your satisfaction. In doing so, we combine the highest technical demands for precision and productivity with very human requirements in terms of EZ to use and ergonomics. The result is integrated and individual solutions. We clear the path; you produce quality products with passion - extremely efficient and with enjoyment of the achievement.

Behind all that is 60 years of experience in straightening technology - with over 4,000 delivered straightening presses. In addition, you get the expertise of one of the world's leading suppliers for individual forming, straightening and joining technology solutions. We put all of our knowledge and experience towards reaching the optimum for your application. This is what we call: FORMING FOR YOU


Benefit from our unique know-how, decades of experience and the passion for challenges - from engineering to service.


A straightening press must be a precise fit for your workpieces and for your processes.
DUNKES offers you a comprehensive range of products that increases your flexibility and modularity. With straightening forces from 5 kN (0.5to) to 30.000 kN (3.000to). In a C-frame, horizontal or gantry design.


With mounting and riveting presses from DUNKES you will implement this requirement perfectly into every workpiece, regardless of the shape of the material, whether round, flat, profile or special shaped. Our tailor-made solutions will fit your requirements exactly. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Universally applicable, highly efficient and easy to use.

Forming. Joining. Straightening.

We always have the most efficient solution in mind for you - tailored to your requirements, the number and type of components, and the handling for loading and unloading. This can be a manual press, a semi-automatic straightening machine or a fully automated system.

And when it turns out that outsourcing is more economical for you, we are your high-performance partner for cost-cutting with our in-house straightening center.

We are on the same page.
From consulting to service.

We support you in every phase, to increase your productivity, safety and efficiency with our presses – from the first day on and for years to come.


International standards are the foundation of every partnership.

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